Big Mac

一月 24, 2007 @ 2:35 上午 | 发表在 food, Pointless opinion | 留下评论

Worked kinda late, so instead of real food I had a Big Mac:

which is really pretty small. Over the years, I noticed a cultural (personal?) difference in attitudes towards the “french” fries. For me, the meal is over once I finished the burger itself. However, many westerners consider the fries an essential part of the package. Well, that’s about the only thing I can think about when eating a Mac. Another candidate would be how eurasians would complain about the quality of a Mac while the americans are mostly cool with it.
现在换中文:内容有些敏感, 如果你一样从事所谓科学研究,可能你不需要我告诉你这些。这话可能对初学的人有一点负面影响, 就是科学领域的诚实和科学家的integrity有很大问题。有一类人常会发表自己不懂的东西,尤其如果是senior的学者,完全没有人有办法抱怨。这一点的流弊是乐于跟从这些学界大腕却没有真才实学的人将成为未来的领导者。当然我在这里落里吧唆实在没趣,只不过发生在自己熟悉的领域和人身上比较令人感慨。
Enjoy your meal.

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