Brit royals in town & Higgs

一月 27, 2007 @ 12:02 上午 | 发表在 Old news | 留下评论

Should we care to step outside tomorrow and stand somewhere hoping to see the
funny looking Pince Charles and his very un-attractive second wife-Camilla? Let’s
see what the weather says. It was a very cold day here
cold day
Maybe they’ll be actually kinda photogenic

A completely unrelated event also sports a British name, a physicist Peter Ware Higgs. There’s rumor again of another possible discovery of the Higgs boson (at 160 GeV),
this time at Fermilab’s tevatron, and it could be the MSSM one. This could save some
junior theorists careers. Here is the plot I ripped off John Conway’s posts on cosmicvariance

For the details, check here and here.

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