Y-Haplogroup A1

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I am guilty of spending some time today on (junk-)genetics, a subject on which I have ZERO knowledge. My interest was started by the following news from BBC:
Yorkshire clan linked to Africa
where researchers from Leicester University in the UK found 7 white men sharing a
RARE surname which originated in Yorkshire carry the same paternal genetic signature
known as Haplogroup A1, previously only found on 25 people all of west African origin.

Just what that RARE surname is? I googled with no luck. The researchers only disclosed
that it started with a “R” 😀 anyone knows them?

For the curious, here’s a world map of distribution of the Y Haplogroups before the
recent European colonizations

from which one can see that the majority of Han Chinese carries the Haplotype O.
This of course is but one of the many genetic markers you could resort to when you
look for your ancestor’s migration route. More precisely, most belong to the subclade
defined by the following sequence of mutations:
(M168, M89, M9, M214, M175, M122, M324, M134, M117, M133).

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