Queen of England and King of Scotland win Oscars

二月 26, 2007 @ 12:26 上午 | 发表在 Old news | 留下评论

Helen Mirren wins oscar for her portrait of the life of Elizabeth II of the UK, and Forrest Whittaker for his in, well, the last King of Scotland.
king queen

Martin Scorsese finally gets his Oscar for the Departed, much indebted to the original Hong Kong movie Mou gaan dou or 无间道, written by Felix Chong 庄文强 and Alan Siu-Fai Mak ie. 麦兆辉. The name of the Hong Kong movie derives from the Buddhism term Avicinar Aka–Avici hell the 8th and worst of the hells, 汉译阿鼻地狱 or 无间地狱.

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