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By now even the layman knows that string theory has an enormous number of metastable de Sitter vacua solutions, with moduli stabilized. This phenomenon nowadays go under the catchy name of Landscape or whatever. For those who constantly worry about such a thing, I wish to recommend an interesting talk given by Nima Arkani-Hamed in the Perimeter Institute which can be watched here.

Here my purpose is to show you some cool stuff I saw last May in Italy on my trip to the ICTP in Trieste. SO I was heading there to listen to the masters talk about the Landscape, in a workshop titled String Vacua and the Landscape organized by Bobby Acharya I didn’t book a direct flight, and landed in Malpensa internatioanl airport in Milano. And Lo and Behold when I landed there was this Welcome sign


Newton apparently knew all about it and thought all of this is SEXY 🙂 and so did the everyday Italians.

I apologize for the quality of the picture.

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